Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Hands-on @ CES


The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is what I personally consider is the future of computing. This intel powered device, is still in its early stages. But it does run a build of Windows 8, its got an ultrabook book form factor with a slim body line,  has USB 3.0 ports HDMI –out and all the usual PC connectors, what is unique about the device is the proprietary hinge on the screen allowing the user to swivel and change the position of the laptop to become a tablet. the yoga sport a capacitive touch screen. thus combining the touch and physical aspects of windows 8 unto a laptop form factor. For initial use, it seemed smooth and effective. Lenovo states that the unit is in its early phases and this is not the final deign as well as weigh, which the expect to cut down  on the device. So far I like what I see and hopefully we will get more from Lenovo on this device in the coming months. but Lenovo di indicate pricing for the IdeaPad Yoga to be $1,129 in the second half of the year