Lenovo IdeaCenter C540 AIO Review

C540_Hero_04 The Lenovo C540 is an entry-level all-in-one machine that delivers on the promise of affordability. At 499.99 (on amazon.com) you wouldn’t be breaking the bank.  While the specifications for this AIO pc will not get you all hot and bothered what it does have working for it is a very versatile form factor, and an extremely light weight build. Moving this pc from room to room is a breeze.Although powerful enough for everyday use the C540 shines when used in as an extra home PC. A family room computer geared for guest, a Kitchen computer, a guest room computer, or even a garage PC. The ease of setup is quite amazing.

On the down side, while the C540 includes a keyboard and mouse, we are reminded of what it does not include, which is a touch screen. Bundled with windows 8, an operating system that begs to be touched, the C540 falls short of its touch screen toting cousin the B540, in that and other respects. The provided keyboard and mouse are of the wired verity as well, which adds to the overall cable clutter, something we all hope to avoid especially with AIO PCs.

Given the lack of a touch screen or wireless keyboard and mouse, the user experience on this device is an exercise in curbing the instinct to touch the UI. Aesthetically the inclusion of wired input devices almost requires you to have this device against a wall, or in a location where the rear is not visible and wires are not exposed to the guests, limiting the value of its form factor.

Overall, while there isn’t much to laud about the C540, the price point and form factor makes it a contender for those small spaces, in or out of the home, where you need computing power, albeit just for regular use. This AIO is not a powerhouse.