Lenovo Idea Centre Horizon- Great A.I.O

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon-5 In the growing genre of touch sensitive device, the all Table top PC is a small subset. While sharing the significant functionality with any regular AIO (all in one) desktop, the Table top AIO stands out with its extra set of features, features which have not yet been defined / standardized across manufacturer.

Enter the IdeaCenter Horizon. Lenovo’s attempt to create a standard that draws the line between a regular AIO and a true table top AIO. Possessing less input / connection options than a regular AIO, 2 USB, one HDMI, a headphone and mic  jack, and an sdcard slot to be exact, it does add some very compelling features such as 10 point multitouch, accessory recognition (think, dice, air hockey sticks, joysticks),a separate UI interface (AURA)  for its table top configuration, a Li-battery for un-tethered usage  and last but not least a 27 inch HD touch screen that makes it easily useable by more than 2 users.

While Lenovo touts the multi user feature (specifically the AURA UI) as the devices main attraction, after a few hours of use, it becomes quite obvious that this device is extremely versatile. The HDMI connection allows the screen to be used as an additional TV screen (Lenovo has been nice enough to include a source select feature). With a third generation Intel processor running at 1.7ghz, 8gb of RAM and 1TB of HDD space, this might not be the most powerful AIO but it should suffice for most regular PC usage.

Overall the table top PC sector is a small subset of the PC market, while not strictly defined, Lenovo has done a great job of striking the line between a regular AIO and a table top AIO. However, the pricing leaves a lot to be desired. At 1699.99 USD it’s be difficult to justify this niche purchase, however it bares consideration if you need a device that fulfills the functionality of a TV, PC and Board game rolled into one.