Lenovo Celebrates High-speed Performance and Design with Special Limited- edition Lenovo Ducati™ 5 Laptop

Lenovo Celebrates High-speed Performance and Design with Special Limited-
edition Lenovo Ducati™ 5 Laptop

At Lenovo, we love making purpose-built machines as does Ducati, who makes some of the best bikes in the world. Brand
collaborations aren’t new, but meaningful ones tend to delight fans and last. It starts with a shared purpose or value, but
where it organically ends up can be somewhere magical.

Creativity, passion and technology are at the heart of what Lenovo and Ducati do; two years ago, Lenovo brought its
smarter technology to the racetrack by becoming the key technology partner of Ducati.

At Ducati Corse the saying goes, “The faster the computing power, the faster the motorbikes.” Ducati has undergone a
transformation of its own; computer technology and artificial intelligence are reshaping motorsport in unprecedented ways.

Lenovo’s branding can be seen on Ducati racing bikes and MotoGP™ riders’ uniforms, and now, for the first time at CES®
2020, the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, superfans will get a glimpse of Ducati’s branding on our special
edition thin and light laptop: The Lenovo Ducati 5.

Love at First Bike
A shared love for customers inspired the next frontier of product
development for this successful Lenovo-Ducati partnership, built
around making an emotional connection between the two brands. For
this laptop, we harnessed that same passion for Ducati design,
considering all the details, to deliver fans a device they could love as
much as their bike.

With wrap-around racing stripes, colorful gift box and companion
carrying sleeve with an emblazoned Ducati shield, there’s no other PC
quite like it in the world.

For an inside look at this collaboration, we spoke with Lenovo
Intelligent Devices Group’s Vice President of Design, Brian
Leonard, about some of his and Ducati’s favorite design details.

Brian Leonard: It has been an honor to co-create something together, something new and premium that people can’t
wait to get their hands on as they roll out to market. Even now, people ask me if I can save them one. Much of the deep
emotional connection that customers feel as they consider the new Lenovo Ducati 5 was purposeful.

What was it like to work with the Ducati team in coming up with podium-worthy designs?

Brian Leonard: It was our intention from the beginning to go bold. I was lucky to have visited several times with Ducati at
their factory in Bologna, Italy, which on any given day is packed with motorcycle lovers—from museum visitors checking
out the racing memorabilia next door to the gift shop staff and everyone on the factory floor.
The small parking lot was full of row after row of Scramblers, Monsters, Panigales, all different types of Ducati bikes. At
first, I thought they were for sale and ready to be shipped, but was told that no, they belonged to their employees—many
Lenovo Ducati 5’s 14-inch Full HD IPS display with thin bezels.

of whom I got to observe on the factory floor honing their craft. You can actually see how much they care about what they
do. The quality and care that goes into every piece, one single person working on one part at a time to create a finished
product that’s truly handcrafted and quintessentially Italian.

When they build a motorcycle, they’re building it for one customer, and they love their customers. It’s little wonder why so
many leave Ducati’s showroom with a catalog under their arm; once you see the stylish, refined lines of some of these
bikes, you’re hooked.
Compare Lenovo’s creation process to Ducati’s. What did we need to get right?

Brian Leonard: In short, everything. I love their ability to
create a deeper emotional connection between their
customers and their products, and that’s what we’re
interested in doing at Lenovo.

Balanced design is part of Ducati’s brand and honoring that
heritage was one of our drivers to producing a refined
product. Each element chosen was no accident, there was
zero chance we were just going to slap a logo on
something—the materials, finishes and colors used all had to
meet a high standard.

These devices feel special, almost custom-built. And with only
12,000 machines in this limited-edition made, it’s tailored for the
biggest Ducati fans. Working with Ducati on figuring out how to make something new and different has been a lot of fun.
Any creative exercise that gives our PC designers fresh perspective is good. We had to invent a way to add those
authentic Ducati racing stripes in the right shade of red with the same precision and quality that Ducati’s artisans use in
crafting their higher-end products.

As a team, we spent our time concerned with which aesthetics were going to resonate well with fans of Ducati and Lenovo
– a design that fused the two brands. A look and feel that was understated but special to allow diehard Ducati fans to
appreciate the quality of the finishes and unique details.

It’s more than simply making a new computer, we wanted it to be sought-after; a collectible intended for fans to show off
their deep-rooted passion for Ducati.

Tell us what inspired some of the Lenovo Ducati 5’s most eye-catching design elements.

Brian Leonard: Riding a motorcycle is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy the open road and Ducati’s variety of bikes
offers endless design attributes that can be expressed. The colors chosen for the notebook come from one of the
Panigale street bikes, but it’s the naked frame structure of the Ducati Monster that surrounds our bottom air intake vent.

Sports exhausts on Ducati bikes have a hexagon “honeycomb” shape
vs. the circular hole shape customary to our air vents so we customized
them to match. We added a pop of red inside the power well for a more
punch-up look under the hinge. Fans will spot the special stitching
pattern on the sleeve that matches the detailing on Ducati’s bike seats.

We also mirrored the unconventional way Ducati uses the effect of
negative space on their machines by allowing the metallic grey
materials underneath to shine through—we picked special aluminum
materials and underglazed logo to imitate those heavy metal details.

Typeface used to stamp individual serial numbers on the bottom laptop
covers and on the commemorative cards is the same one Ducati uses to mark its collector edition bike parts. Something
fans can look forward to is the BIOS chime that sounds like the buzz of MotoGP riders racing around the circuit with the
Ducati logo front and center on the bootup screen.
Even the boxes are special; the gift box has a luxurious feel with the Ducati logo atop a chameleon silver metallic-colored
Companion sleeve has a high-look with Italian flag detail.

their first Ducati bike. We even modified the outer shipping container with a bright red handle and Ducati logo on the
outside, immediately marking it to onlookers as different.

Lean, Mean Entertainment Machine

Now that we know all about the design elements that give the Lenovo Ducati 5 limited-edition that rev of raw energy, what
about the ‘speeds and feeds’?

This premium 14-inch Windows® 10 laptop has a lot of get-up-and-go and battery life up to 12 hours of battery life1 with
Rapid Charge2 for speedy battery pit-stops. Under the hood users will discover fast responsiveness with up to 10th
Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processors, integrated graphics, and upwards-facing speakers and Dolby Audio™ for clearer
sound without distortion.

Impress your buddies when streaming races with lightning-fast WiFi 6 connectivity and the immersive clarity of the Lenovo
Ducati 5’s 14-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) display with razor-thin bezels for wide-angled viewing and in-plane switching
(IPS) up to 300 nits bright.

Check out the cutting-edge USB-C port capable of fast transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps.3 Get optional white backlit
keyboard and even more winning features including an integrated fingerprint reader in the power button supported by
Windows Hello™ for faster log in, HD webcam with an integrated privacy shutter, and supercharged memory (with 8 GB
DDR4) and storage (1TB SSD PCIe).

With its sleek lines, premium metallic chassis components, and standout Ducati design, the new Lenovo Ducati 5 is a fun
device to race around town with weighing just 3.48lbs (1.58kg) and 0.66 inches (16.9mm) thin.

The special edition 14-inch Lenovo Ducati 5 will start at €899.994 and will be available in select markets (not in North
America) starting in April, 2020.4

1 All battery life claims are approximate and based on test results using the MobileMark® 2014 at 150 nits screen brightness ver 1.5 battery life benchmark test.
Actual results will vary and depend on numerous factors including product configuration and usage, software, operating conditions, wireless functionality, power
management settings, screen brightness and other factors. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. See
https://bapcocom/ products/mobilemark-2014/ for additional details.
2 Power-up with Rapid Charge, 15-minutes of charge on a 95W adapter offers up to 3 hours of battery life, 30 minutes of charge offers up to 50 percent battery life
capacity. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage.
3 The actual transfer speed of the USB 3.1 Gen 1 will vary, and depending on many factors, such as the processing capability of host and peripheral devices, file
attributes and other factors related to system configuration and your operating environments, will be slower than a speed of 5 Gbit/s.
4 Prices may not include tax, shipping or options and are subject to change without notice; additional terms and conditions apply. Reseller prices may vary. On-
shelf dates may vary by geography and products may only be available in select markets. All offers subject to availability. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product
offerings, features and specifications at any time without notice.

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Racing stripes wrap the laptop to resemble a racetrack.