Lenovo B540 Review

B540_Hero_09 The Lenovo B540 might not be the most powerful PC in the market, but for an (All-in-One) computer weighing in at 22lbs, it certainly delivers a blend of versatility and usability that should please everyone.

Setup of this computer was basically plug and play. the inclusion of windows 8 on this device has made the use of the included mouse and keyboard, an option rather than a necessity. the amounts of inbuilt connectors, 2 USB 3.0s and 4 USB 2.0, provides additional options for accessories as needed.

What really stood out about the device was the ease of use, right out the box, I didn’t have to fiddle with any add-ons, or install any stands or additional cables. All I did was unwrap the 23inches of touch screen goodness, plug in the power cord and adjust the tilt to my personal preference.

I was also impressed with how Lenovo has designed this AIO PC for easy upgrades. While you can’t easily swap out the motherboard, processor or graphics card (in this case, probably not at all), Lenovo has made the upgrading of the Hard drive and memory module, quite easy. Note that the memory module is listed as supporting only up to 8GB of DDR3 memory.

The speakers on this device leaves much to be desired. While playing media on the device it is almost necessary to crank the volume all the way up, in order to get a worthwhile sound quality. You definitely aren’t going to light up the whole house with music using this device.

Additionally, the use of a wireless USB dongle to connect the keyboard and mouse seems to be redundant since this could have been accomplished with the built in Bluetooth connectivity. All this serves to do is take up one of your USB ports, which while readily available, will be missed if ever the need arises.

Overall, moving this computer from room to room is a breeze thanks to its easy setup, it currently resides on my kitchen counter and I can say that this the scheme and design fits in quite well. I have also used this device in the bedroom and living room with the same aesthetic results. Although not light at 22lbs this device is easy to move and easy to setup. The specs, while not great, is quite adequate for an asking price of 899USD. I am quite impressed with the performance of the device and it has convinced me that having a second PC in the house might not be a bad idea when factoring in guests or for a specific use in some spaces. I have no problem recommending this AIO PC to anyone who needs a family computer or just a simple and clean PC setup.

Processor  Intel Core: i3-2130 (3.4GHz)
Operating System;  Windows 8 64-bit
Display (Resolution)  23″ Full HD w/ 10-point Multi-touch (1920 x 1080)
Video Graphics;  Intel HD Graphics
Hard Drive;  1TB SATA (7200 rpm) (up to 2TB)
Memory;  4GB DDR3 (max 8GB)
Camera  Built-in; 720p
Integrated Communications  802.11 b/g/n, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, 6-in-1 media reader
System Weight  22 lbs
System Dimension  22.7″ (H) x 4.34″ (D) x 16.22″ (W)
Sound  Stereo speakers with Dolby Advanced Audio v2
Slots/Ports  2 USB 3.0, 4 USB 2.0, HDMI (out), Mic, Headphone
Additional Features  Rescue System 4.0, McAfee Internet Security, PowerDVD 10, YouCam 4
Keyboard/Mouse  Wireless USB