LELO Nea Review-Booredatwork


As is typical with Lelo, the Nea was very elegantly boxed, with a small plastic covering over the Nea to keep it in place. The very first thing I noticed was the purple flower print that starts on the very tip; when I flipped is, I found a larger, adorable purple flower that is very cute stretching across three quarters of the Nea – It is really cute and compact. I turned it over to find more patterns on the back, which makes it feel a little bit more personalized. Similar to a computer-mouse, the curved shape of the massager has a built-in rechargeable battery that is not only functional, but convenient, as you don’t have to keep on buying batteries for it.

Although I find that it is somewhat hard – as it is not cloaked with silicone like the Lyla – it packs an exceptional pulse with multiple settings in a petite, discreet package. Nea also has a feature that allows it to be lockable; therefore, you can travel with it without fear of it accidently activating, or lock it on a particular setting without worrying about hitting a button. With it being so small and made out of molded plastic, It is extremely easy to clean – but be careful, as it is not waterproof due to the recharge socket, and moisture can seep in if you do not take care.

As I said, it is a very compact and discreet personal massager, but with it being so small, the small buttons and settings do need some getting used to. Nea is known for its long battery life – up to 7 hours – which makes it exceptional for personal use or use with your partner. It has 5 different vibration settings, and with several different strengths of vibrations to choose from, you can find multiple settings that work best for you, or your significant other.

With all this being said, the Nea personal massager is absolutely outstanding for its compact size; its very powerful and you don’t even need to buy batteries for it. It not only look cute and pretty; it also delivers results from an adorable little package.