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Kodak PlaySport WaterProof HD CAM Review


The Kodak PlaySport can easily be considered just another Handy HD Cam. But Kodak Has done a something different here in making the PlaySport a different kind of HD Cam. Our first glimpse of the device was at CES 2010 were Kodak displayed the PlaySport in a fish bowl.


Simply put the device is rugged and I love it, the PlaySport is one of the few handy cams that I would glad keep in my pocket any day of the week. It feels solid in the hands.  What makes the PlaySport stand out is its waterproof design. Now Kodak claims 3M or 10 feet, granted we didn’t test it that deep but we where able to get it into a pull and I must say the PlaySport handled it like a champ,; with no water damage to the SD card or Battery and it too several dives in the pool with our test

VIDEO REVIEW & UnderWater Testing


The PlaySport software interface and setting Controls are made easy and simplistic as with out Kodak Products which I find refreshing  in this case. Because what you want to do with this camera is fuss less with controls and movie to some serious footage indoor, outdoors or in some water somewhere. Kodak has do a good job making it easy to use.

SDC11034 SDC11036

INDOOR 5MP Camera Pics

105_0032 105_0033 105_0034 105_0035

OUTDOOR 5MP Camera Pics

105_0028 105_0025 105_0026 105_0027


The PlaySport is a great HD Cam to get, its rugged, fun, and easy to use. Granted on the down side it has no Macro and it also as no audio jack( which would be tough with its underwater nature). In all the PlaySport is a stunning devices that does what it intends to do. Record underwater, and is rugged as nails.

SDC11039 SDC11040 SDC10993 SDC11035 SDC11037 SDC11038

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