Kingston HyperX Fury Dram: Performance well Priced

Fury-1 The Kingston HyperX Fury is the latest in the Kingston line of DRam, this new low cost ram replaces the HYperX Blu and is priced really aggressively with a 16GB 2 dim kit cost only $161., thats pretty sweet. But that not all that makes the HyperX Fury tick, offers automatic overclocking with an asymmetric, aggressive heatspreader design for the ultimate cost-efficient enthusiast computer experience.  The heatspreader will be available in White, Black, Blue, and Red, complementing an all-black PCB.

So who is this ram geared to? The cost minded minded gamer or PC enthusiast is who Kingston is targeting and I live their approach. First of the easy plug & play ability of the ram is also a huge plus, overclocking to match your board or the its DRAM max of 1866mhz. Plus you have got stylish heat spreads on the and all at a low affordable price. Like with all Kingston ram, you can expect solid performance with no set backs. So if you are looking to upgrade you system, on a budget or just looking for some  quality ram. I suggest you check out the Kingston Hyper X Fury. . Giving them an opportunity



HyperX FURY Memory Features and Specifications:

  • ·         PnP:  Plug and Play automatically overclocks the memory up to the system maximum specs
  • ·         Capacities: 4GB singles, 8GB singles, 8GB kit, 16GB kit
  • ·         Frequency*: 1333Mhz, 1600Mhz, 1866Mhz
  • ·         CAS Latency:  9, 10
  • ·         Voltage: 1.5V
  • ·         Heatspreader: Stylish and aggressive in white/black/red/blue
  • ·         PCB:  Black