Kanex BT Multi-sync Aluminum Keyboard Review

First Impressions: Well it’s a keyboard folks.. It actually is a rather NICE keyboard. I was way overdue updating my previous keyboard. I have tested others in the past and gone back to my old reliable. This time, I was quite optimistic that this behavior might change. It seems I was right. The design and overall functionality allowed me to clear a few keyboards off my desk and get rid of those silly dongles. Who knew just connecting right to the devices I use every day would be a game changer for me? The experience was quite liberating!

What’s in the Box? You get the Kanex BT Multi-sync Aluminum Keyboard, 2 AAA Batteries and 1-sheet multi language set of directions and a promise of a good time.

My thoughts:  While the keyboard came simply packaged with little to no frills, it under promised and over delivered. The design was straightforward and easy to like. The keys were responsive and quiet. The speed at which it synced up to devices was quick and reliable, even in a room filled with BT devices and various wireless noise. So simple in fact, even a tech dinosaur like me could do it without looking at any directions. It’s all about small wins people. J

Yay or Nay:  Hmm… A well-built, beautifully crafted, aluminum Bluetooth keyboard that functions as promised… removes several keyboards in the process and forces me to give up nothing… I might have to have Kanex send me another just to be sure, but for now, this gets an “Onsite thumbs up.” I think this means I can turn the lights off folks.. Until next time!!