JBL Synchros SB400BT Bluetooth Headphone Review

JBL S400BT (7) The JBL Synchros S400BT are the latest Bluetooth headphones from JBL, priced at an affordable $229. These headphones are geared to provide a wireless connecting via Bluetooth 3.0 that pack a solid amount of bass. Before we start talking about sound, let talk about the design. Crafted from premium materials, the S400BT feels like a high-end headset, with soft supple earcup housing the 40mm drivers. Lightweight frame that provides heft and not weight, as well as an overall flexible build that ensures that the Headphones won’t break on you on your first use. The whole surface of the left earcup acts as a single touch sensitive control system. Meanwhile, an LED light trail tracks the movement of your fingers across the touch sensor. While the right earcup acts as the NFC connection point for your headphones. Battery life is estimated at 15hrs, and I can attest it does meet to spec, though charging the device is through the 2.5mm port, rather than a standard micro USB port.

Let talk about sound; the JBL S400BtT pack a punch, especially for a Bluetooth headset. You have to a rich bass feel to the headphones, but nothing overpowering or drowning. It’s also got a good balance with the highs and lows, though the mids are a bit off. Still this is a very, very good Bluetooth headphones that will find a space on the “Wall of Headphones”. The S400Bt does come with a carrying case and a pair of line in cables to plug directly into you smartphone or MP3 Player. Do check out the full video review below or just pick up yours here.


  • Solid bass
  • Great Battery Life
  • Comfortable for long hours
  • Stylish design
  • NFC compatability