Jabra Elite sport true Wireless Earbud Review

First Impressions: I have been auditioning the Jabra Elite Sport for a few weeks.  These wireless earbuds grabbed my attention before I heard even one sound. The design is fairly straight forward with a mostly matte black finish, which is broken up by two contact charging points on the backside. Just in case it is not quite obvious, a small L and R is engraved on the underside to signify which ear each earbud belongs in. The additional feature for the athlete or at least well intentioned, is a pretty neat in ear heart rate monitor. These mighty buds can be used along with Jabra’s own Sport Life app or several top fitness apps available on ITunes and Android markets like, Strava, RunKeeper and Runtastic.

What’s in the Box?  The Jabra Elite Sport buds themselves, which promise up to 9 hours of use on a single charge. There are several earbud cushions to fit almost any ear shape. So unless your name is Dumbo and you happen to work in a circus you should be good to go. Along with a USB charging cable and a manual is a sleek charging case. This case boast the ability to provide the earbuds an additional 3 hours battery life once fully charged.

My thoughts:  They feel great and comfortable in the ear. I wore them for several hours and did not experience ear fatigue. Pairing these to both my computer and my cellphone was a breeze. This was facilitated by a slightly raised button on the right earbud which when depressed allows for quick pairing with your device of choice. The other button on that bud allows for forwarding through your selections. The left earbuds have a plus and minus for on ear volume control. One should keep that in mind as in-app volume controls typically also exist. The sound quality for phone calls was excellent. Several commented they didn’t know I was on a Bluetooth device. I did several test calls and compared to other wireless experiences and found the Jabra Elite Sport to be on the top end for that particular use case. When listening to music, I found the clarity to be good but the bass response to be quite subdued in certain instances, depending mostly on music genre.


Another high-point of this product is that it’s water resistant. This means they are great in a light rain or during a heavy workout. This is where that addition of the heart rate monitor comes in handy to better optimize that puddle of water at your feet. I found the heart rate monitor to be as accurate as any other wearable tested thus far but there is some room for improvement in the future.

Yay or Nay:  while Jabra may not be the first name you think about in wireless earbuds, it may soon be the last. Their experience in the headset market has allowed them superior audio fidelity and noise isolation than other earbuds I’ve tested. Jabra’s past experiences from other headset markets have given them quit a head start and I for one look forward to them continuing to produce high quality products that push all competition to either step up or step out. This gets an Onsite thumbs up!!


Michael “Onsite” Burt