is Mobile Battery Life or Poor Software management an Issue?

Mobile Battery Life Smartphones are getting better and better with added features better screen display and sizes. All those new additives to your smartphone’s functionality comes at the expense of your battery life.  So the question has to be asked, do we need better battery technology or better software management? lately a lot of bloggers have written about the need for battery battery technology; complaining about how that area of the industry has been stagnate and lack the innovative drive to  move forward. While I do agree that battery technology has not improved with the changing technology that we see in the mobile industry. I do offer a different opinion on the matter; I feel battery software management has not improved to match the new software and hardware addition.

It is well know that battery life on the iPhone and most Android smartphones can be a pain, with many owners using  extended battery & portable charger accessory makers, raking in huge revenues from those to mobile ecosystem. Which may lead one to believe that all smartphones were created equally to have shitty battery life. But that isn’t the case with Windows Phone 8 and the new BlackBerry 10. Where devices running both Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 OS have been know to last a full day (24hrs) before turning its lights off. So the question still stand is battery technology the issue. or just poor software implementation?