iPhone X Review!


Welcome to my 48-hour review of the iPhone X, Apple’s latest smart phone, which we’ve done in a box, seeing this hands on video. But how is the day-to-day of the device? What makes it tick? Why should I be excited? Why should I be disappointed? All that kind of stuff.

Let’s start off with a couple of things that the iPhone X really has. Now, you look at the device. It is a gorgeous looking device. First thing I’ll say is, I said it before, Apple has designed probably the best iPhone they’ve done. I like the design change over the last couple of devices. I also like the display, and I don’t like the unibrow, aka the notch. Yes, it’s there, but it’s something that you just have to kind of get used to.

There are aspects to the device I like, and there’s some things that I really don’t like, and hopefully, that can be fixed with some software updates. Let’s start off with, of course, the most important thing. Face ID, right? Apple’s taken away the home button. We now have to use our face to unlock the device, and it’s something that is strange for a lot of people, but I will tell you this. It works very well. I’ve tried to fool it, and I’ve tried to make it fail in some form or fashion, and I have not done that. You can check out our video where we’ve tried to do that specific feat.

 Face ID works about 99.9% of the time. A few times, it’s not unlocked by the device, but I like the fact that at least it doesn’t unlock my device for any random person or any random situation. I can use my pen, so I like that, and it works very, very well, which is good, because it’s got a True Depth camera. That camera basically maps out your face and does a lot more with that.

Now, sticking with the True Depth camera, you also have, of course, the front facing portrait selfies. That’s a big thing. Everyone is doing it now. Apple is also doing it. How does that actually work? How does it perform? I would say my experience has been mixed. It’s been where I’ve received some portrait photos, been solid. Looks really good. And I’ve gone like, “This is nice,” and some that look like really washed out and very bright background and not blurred like you would expect. None of that [inaudible 00:02:12] effect. So I think this is a software issue. Again, it’s beta as the Apple rightly says, so that I will put it there. Hopefully, that gets fixed and that works out eventually. It has the capability, so that should give you some really good photos in the long run.

Now, you also have Aniemojis. Again, sticking to the True Depth camera. Aniemojis is a gimmick. Let’s call it what it is. It’s a gimmick. It’s a fun gimmick that works well. It maps out your face, at least some, like 50 muscle recognition, so you can record 10-second videos to send to a friend. It’s fun, and I think a lot of people use it. I’ve got to talk about it, because I’ve used it. I found it interesting. It’s a great tool to communicate with friends, kind of just goofing off and doing things fun. It works well, but it’s a gimmick. This is where we go, “Thunder. Thunder. Thunder cats. Ooooh.”

Now, let’s talk about the displa … I believe 5.8. I could be wrong. It will be on the screen, so apologize. It’s a pure HD display? No, it’s not, because it’s actually less than that in terms of dimensions, because Apple’s numbers are slightly off. Let’s call it full HD plus on the display. It’s called super retina. It’s a gorgeous looking display. It’s really bright. It’s vibrant. It’s got HDR built in. It’s also got the notch because of the design and because of the mapping of the True Depth camera. Now, what that gives you is a display that … Look. If you’re browsing the web or if you’re looking at let’s say Twitter or Instagram, it looks really good. It maps out well. It doesn’t necessarily use the whole display, but it lights up like it does.

When you’re watching content, that’s a different case entirely. Netflix on there basically forms a larger rectangular box that goes closer to the notch and closer to the bottom, but you can still see bars all around the device. Then YouTube and, of course, the built in player have bars on the side. I would love to actually use the whole real estate to watch my content. You’ve got that 18 by 9 aspect ratio, so I would like to see that there, but right now, that’s not the case. Software can fix this, so we would like to see how that actually moves forward on this device. But the display itself looks pretty good.

Now, because you’ve got a display like that and because Apple is using Face ID, something is missing. The home button is gone, right? So we don’t have a home button anymore, which means you cannot lock your device. That’s covered by Face ID now, but you don’t have those home button gestures. You don’t have the button to click to go home. You have the button to click to multi-task and a few other things in there, but you’ve got gestures now. You can swipe from the bottom up. That will take you home from any application. You can also swipe from the bottom up and stop in the center, and that will give you a multi-task menu. You can go to your applications. Or you’ve got a quick multi-task access by swiping from left to right, right on the bottom of your display. That’s a gesture I like the most. That gesture works really well, and I think it’s probably the best addition to multi-task that we’ve seen in years. It’s quick. It’s fast. It’s easy to go back to your last app, and I like it. They’ve done well with that.

The other gestures work well, too. They are smooth, but also it’s just … I feel that it might take some time to get used to that, because you’re swiping from the bottom. You can accidentally hit some of your docked applications, so that might be an issue for some people. For me, not so much, but I can see it happening for some. If you’re going to be using a case on this, and I have got some really nice cases to pick from, then you’re going to have issue. You want to pick a case that doesn’t have a bottom bumper, if you will, so that you can easily swipe from the bottom.

That is something to take note with this device. Cases, you have to pick and choose what kind of case you want to get with this, because you’re going to be bumping into the case while swiping up when you want to go to your home page. Granted, that being said, you can also put up a virtual home button. We have a video, which you guys can check out. We have the cards linked there for you, so you can see how to actually set that up on your iPhone X.

Now, moving to the rear camera. You’ve got dual 12 megapixel cameras on this device. It takes really nice photos in low light, in daytime conditions. The low light photos really turn out pretty well. They’ve done a good job. It’s got dual OIS in the camera. Daytime photos, any smart phone out there should [inaudible 00:06:50] all that, so I think that’s good. The video quality is also really good. The second OIS stabilization really showcases here, so you can see how stable the video is as I move and I walk around, as I … You can see how that actually works on this, so I think it is a solid, solid thing, which is good, which is fine.

Now, battery life, right? You use a phone. You want to see how battery life is, the performance. I will say my last two days have not been great. They’ve not been good. Let’s call it what it is. Within five hours, I’m looking for a charging port to charge my iPhone X. I wake up, at around like 9:00. I turn on my device. I start using it. By 1:00, I’m down to around my 20s, which is not cool. The battery life on this thing is for some reason it’s just not good. I’ll put it that way. That’s just my experience right now, but in terms of the overall performance of the device, I like it. It’s worked well. Games run really smooth on there. It’s the same A-level processor, so you get that. You can check that out. Gaming video, we’ll put that out, showcasing, of course, games running on that display and also the processor itself.

I will say this, though. I do like this iPhone. There are some things I would like to change, but I do like what Apple’s brought to the table with this device. I think a lot of Apple users will definitely like this. They will definitely like the approach that Apple is taking here. I think Face ID works well. I can’t [inaudible 00:08:25] it, and I’m glad it does. I’m glad that it covers all those bases for you and the fact that you can just pick it up and look. In daylight, it works also. In complete sunlight, in different conditions, this will work well, and that’s a good thing.

If you guys have any questions or any comments, let me know. I’ll try and answer them for you. Otherwise, guys, just stayed tuned. In our video series, we’re going to do a 30-day review as well as a three month, six months. So we’ll be covering this device in different stages for you so you can see how it is. If you’re not buying it now or you’re buying it later at some point.



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