iPhone 6 Review



The launch of the new iPhone 6 this year has been it’s biggest yet. As the restrictive small display Apple has held onto for so long has finally been crushed down by the masses, and has been implemented in a way no one expected it to be. With the base iPhone 6 model, Apple has created a modern smartphone with a drastic change in the way design at Apple has been done. Curved glass, anodized aluminum body (with plastic antenna bands), and a 4.7 inch display; you would think that the change from last years iPhone 5s was a big one. However, the more we used the device this past weekend, the more similarities we found with it’s predecessor.

First off, let me start by saying that the aesthetic design of the new iPhone 6 is gorgeous. The second you take it out of it’s minimalistic box, you come to realize how much craftsmanship Apple still has up in Cupertino. The build quality, thinness, and color variations all come together to make a beautiful device. The 4.7 inch Retina Display is still on top of it’s game, despite the fact Apple has chosen to forgo raising the pixel density in the device, keeping it a relative standard 326ppi. All in all, pixels can not be seen on the device and all we can hope for is that Apple decides not to be so stingy with the pixels in next years model. With that display comes the new curved gorilla glass, and I must say, with the addition of rounded corners on the iPhone 6, it may be the best implementation of curved glass on any other smartphone. Since Apple decided  to copy Android a bit with side gestures, it also helps with getting back and forth inside certain apps that have utilized this feature.

The camera. This is by far the most talked about updated feature on the new iPhone’s, and deservedly so. I hold back no reservations in saying that the new camera on the iPhone 6 can replace your point and shoot. That’s with the removal of optical image stabilization! Clarity is on comparison with the LG G3, but the smoothness in frame rate and digital stabilization is unparalleled. 240fps slow motion is also pretty awesome to play with. The video iPhone users can create with this camera is limitless, and it truly feels that I’m getting my money’s worth with the iPhone 6 on the just the camera alone.

The A8 processor works just fine on the iPhone 6. I couldn’t discern a real speed difference from the A7 processor found in the iPhone 5s, but gaming does seem much better overall in my short time with the device.

 NFC is honestly the only feature I wish could be utilized from launch. NFC on the iPhone is a bit different in that it is locked down to Apple Pay. Apple’s new payment system which is meant to be more secure, seamless, and revolutionary in that it everything will ultimately be digital. I see this feature to be the only true reason to purchase an iPhone 6. A bigger screen is nice, but most iPhone users never cared for larger displays in the first place. Even though the camera is amazing (seriously, it is), it isnt a reason to upgrade to a phone that cost $700+ off contract. The iPhone 6 is meant for a specific type of consumer this far in the game. Android users finally able to convert after years of being bombarded with displays this size for years, or those from multiple generations back iPhones that are salivating at the mouth for this device.

The iPhone 6 is a great phone, don’t get me wrong. From the construction, IOS 8, potential mobile payment solutions with Apple Pay; it has a lot going for it. But for previous iPhone users, it is not a MUST buy at all. All depends on your preference and bank account.