iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing: Finally!!!



 While I wait patient for T-Mobile to send my iPhone 6 Plus over, my buddy was kind enough to lend me his brand spanking new iPhone 6 Plus for unboxing and run some test. As you would expect the packaging is no different from the iPhone 6, with its all whit e details. In the box you have a pair of earpods, lighting cables and travel charger.

Taking a closer look at the iPhone 6 Plus, its sports a 5.5-inch 108- Retina HD display but the device is roughly 6 inches in length, make it a massive phone, larger than the Note 3 but slightly smaller than the Lumia 1520. Powered by the A8 processor with 1GB of ram and storage variant so f 16GB, 64Gb or 128GB. Its got the same 8MP camera as the iPhone 6 but with OIS buit-in. So enough talking lets take a look at the unboxing video below.