Intimina Women’s Health Product Buy, Try, Review Program


Intimina is a a brand focused on women’s intimate health products.  Intimina’s line ranges from Personal Massagers to Kegel Exercisers, Feminine Moisturizers and Accessory Cleaners. Intimina’s products are specifically designed to help women feel more comfortable in their bodies and to improve women’s intimate health.

Tate Consulting is conducting a “Buy, Try & Review” program to gain valuable customer feedback on Intimina’s products. This program is limited to a select number of participants, and is a great way for you to try any of Intimina’s products, and get reimbursed for your purchase!

As a program participant, you can select up to $100 in Intimina products, purchase them from one of our online retailers (specific online site to be confirmed upon your acceptance into our program), write a review, and then get reimbursed for your entire purchase including shipping.


If you would like to participate in our “Buy, Try & Review” program and experience Intimina’s revolutionary intimate health products for women, please send an email to [email protected] confirming your interest. You will be promptly contacted with further details regarding the program.

Below is a detailed description of the products available in our “Buy, Try & Review” program.