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Interview with Artison CEO Cary Christie on Musiclite


Cary Headshot

I had the opportunity yesterday of having a phone interview with the CEO of Artison, Mr. Cary Christie, A world renowned loudspeaker designer on their partnership with Sylvania and their new product  MusicLites®. A combination of an efficient LED light, high fidelity loudspeaker, and a wireless audio receiver in a module that fits existing lighting fixtures.”

The interview is shown with paraphrase answers from Mr. Christie and no direst quotes. Thanks you

Enobong: What was the motivation of the MusicLites?

Cary: A large percentage of Americans want distributed audio throughout their homes, with less wires and more connectivity. The demand for wireless speakers has grown tremendously over the years. We saw this need, however to get a truly wireless speaker, requires both a power source and a wireless transmission of the audio signal. Using existing light fixture sockets provides the power to allow MusicLites to become the first totally wireless speaker.

Enobong: So who are your target customers?

Cary: The target customer is growing to include pretty much anyone who would like to easily install audio in their home or business.  We now see a large opportunity for Musiclites to be sold into offices, bars, renters & custom installations (retro fitting). Renters for example can now have a great wireless audio experience with ease and portability so that once they decide to change apartments they can take their audio system with them.

Enobong: How does the MusicLite Work?

Cary: The MusicLite is a combination LED light engine, energy efficient (Equivalent to a 60 watt Incandescent bulb) and a complete wireless audio system. It can fit in a 4, 5 & 6 inch can light. A small transmitter syncs music wirelessly to the MusicLite receiver.  The light source and audio can be controlled locally through the remote. The music source can be sent through various transmitters, 30pin (iPod), USB, Analog, RCA and more. MusicLites can take up to 4 audio Sources in 4 zones.

Enobong: Why Sylvania?Sylvania-logo-jpg

Cary: We were approached by Sylvania, early on as they were looking to see what new technologies were available to augment new lighting products. A speaker and light combination  was one that we had developed. We know very little about lighting, and they of course are experts in this field. Since high quality lighting is a key part of the MusicLites project, it seemed like a perfect fit.

Enobong: What differentiates your product from the competition?

Cary: We do welcome competitors as it legitimizes this growing new category. Our product takes into consideration all of the practical needs of the customer and it’s intended application. For example the MusicLite module is very lite (1.25 lbs), delivers the light output of a true 60 watt incandescent light bulb and provides extremely high quality audio performance.  The combined expertise of Sylvania and Artison bring state-of-the-art technology from two very different disciplines, lighting and audio.   Our transmitter options allow any source of music to be connected easily to MusicLites which gives the customer the versatility and portability that opens up the practical uses for this product to an unlimited number of applications.

What we aim to provide is a product that solves the problems associated with installing a distributed or personal audio system into consumer’s homes or businesses…something new and exciting. High quality audio is an enjoyable experience and with MusicLites it can now be easily added to any environment.

Enobong: Final Question, when will the product be launching and how much?

Cary: MusicLites will be released this fall. We are looking to have various versions of MusicLites available, with a Table or Lamp version in the works and a few other variations to match the needs of consumers.

Enobong: Okay Thank you Cary for you time
Cary: Thank you and it was a pleasure

It will be interesting to see what the Musiclite has to Offer in the wireless audio space. But I can say it is a welcome addition and what they have to offer looks very promising.

Music Lite


– 2 MusicLites

– Transmitters are sold separately

(Source Dependant; iPod, iPhone, USB, Headphone Jack, etc)

-Dimensions: 3.8” x 5.2”

(Equivalent to BR30)

-Weight: 1.2 Lb


–70mm High Fidelity loudspeaker offers full range high-performance audio

–Frequency Response: 80 Hz – 20 kHz

–Sensitivity: 85dB @ 2.83 Volts, 1 Meter

–Assign up to 4 Zones, with 4 MusicLites per Zone

–Utilizes any audio source using Transmitter Accessories


–10W LED bulb

–Compatible with on-wall dimmers (remote control for light / sound available in 2 module package)

–500 lumens (65W reflector bulb equiv.)

–3000K color temperature

Standard medium based sockets – no wiring

4”, 5” or 6” recessed cans

Proprietary 2.4 GHz Wireless Transceiver

Operates 90 feet from audio source on long range transmitter

Works up to 30 feet away for short range transmitters (USB, Smartphone, Portable Audio Devices)

–80+ CRI

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