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INCEPTION…..the mind is a Maze 3 levels deep



Ever sit down, and listen to someone else explain a dream to you, and after 30 seconds, you want to grab them by the shoulders and shake them until their nose bleeds?

Inception is the exemption to that rule

In a masterfully layered storyline with levels of intrigue, depth of characters and creative writing, the vision of Christopher Nolan comes to life in an intersecting visual and mental landscape where the only limitation is one person’s mind.   I get the feeling watching this film, that Christopher Nolan walked into his first pre-pro meeting and described what he wanted and needed, and everyone laughed, told him it couldn’t be done.  And he simply got them to do it.


The stunning visuals start right from the first scenes, as they work one person’s mind to extract the data that they need – only to come up short, but yet not as he offers them the idea of inception, or planting and idea versus extracting information.  Working from this script framework, the instituting of different characters, levels and depth creates an impressive piece from a visual standpoint, and a rich, deeply layered plot.  Alas, the script is straightforward from a dialogue sense, and is only average in acting.  While the visuals and storyline make this movie impressive, it is not of Oscar’s caliber.

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