iLuv Vibro II iPhone Speaker Dock Review

IMG_0430 The Vibro II is a nice compact iphone/ipod dock, charger, but also serves as alarm clock and radio. It has a nice simple black finish, but comes in a variety of colors also. The sound packed a punch, but the dock was still small enough for me to throw in a weekend bag for going away.
The controls are easy enough to use, although it took me a few tries to program one of the radio channel presets. It has capacity of 10 presets. Once you mount the iphone or ipod (at least the Touch version), an iLuv app is available for download, that works along with your alarm clock on the dock. There two alarms that can be programmed, and notification options are alarm, radio, or iphone/ipod. You can also use the “time sync” button to program the clock, which syncs with the time on you handheld.
The key difference with the Vibro II is the shaker feature. You can use the alarm clock with or without the shaker, which is an attachment that vibrates with the alarm, giving you the extra nudge to wake up.
This a great little dock, and is compact, convenient, and good sound quality. Thumbs up!