iFrogz Impulse Wireless Headphone Review

When your friends at Zagg say, “What do you need?” and put affordable Bluetooth options in my hands, then how can you go wrong? The iFrogz Impulse Wireless were next on my list, and I’ve recommended them to folks before even finishing this review. Too many people are looking for affordable Bluetooth options that aren’t just plain junk. In particular, I have a contact who is slightly hard of hearing, but can’t spend a lot. He loved these!
The Impulse Wireless are a perfect solution for you. They are lightweight and collapse for portability. The headband and outer shell are plastic which helps with the weight. The headband is nice and wide, with a thick cushion with cross cross stitching detail on the faux leather. The same material covers the Aerofoam earcups. The rest on your ear as opposed to over your ear, but do a good job of passive noise reduction. The battery was pretty true to the 12 hours of playing time. These made it through a good weeks worth of commuting entertainment. What is extremely convenient regarding design are the controls and where they are placed. The earcups are designed with controls that are wide and easily accessible with your thumbs. The power/pairing and play buttons are on the underside, and then volume toggle goes across the top of the right ear cup. You can easily feel the controls and change volume or answer calls without having to look or fiddle around to find them. The volume and sounds were great! For a $59,99 headphone, I was impressed with the sound and volume. The only slight drawbacks would be the sturdiness of the cable and lack of carrying pouch. The audio cable is a thin rubber one with a magnet cord keeper attached. I worry that this will break over time since it is so thin, but then again how often would you be using the cable over the bluetooth. I would love to see a small carrying pouch, without affecting the cost too much.
The available colors are white with tan faux leather stitching, headband cushion, and earcushions, or black with red stitching and red earcushions. The model in white can pick up make up or smudges on cable, so the black will do better over time, but the white can easily be wiped down. You cant beat the price for $59.99, and Zagg has promotions you should keep an eye out for.
Drivers: 40mm
Resistance 32hms
Sensitivity: 120dB +/- 3dB
Frequency: 20Hz – 20KHz
Playing Time: 12H
Standby Time: 58H
Charging Time: 2.5H
What’s in the box:
1 IFROGZ Impulse Wireless Headphones
1 micro USB charging cable
1 3.5mm audio jack cord with mic
1 quick start guide