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i43 Gaming Festival, Esports, I am now a believer!

Last weekend I went, at my friends request, to the i43 LAN Gaming Festival in Telford. It is one of the biggest in the UK and despite my original inertia to going I have to say I loved every minute of it. I am not a massive gamer, gaming on my mobile is about as far as I go, with the occasional foray into COD, FIFA, MK9 and all the other usual titles on friends machines.

I was originally highly sceptical at people describing professional gamers as sportsmen, but I have to say after watching them play competitively on a 200 inch screen in front of 3 thousand people I have changed my mind!

I won’t bore you with talk of how good it was, so here is a VLOG I filmed of the event, I can urge anyone who has the slightest intrest in technology or gaming to go to a day of one of these festivals. You can let your inner geek run free and it is acceptable to yell head shot at random intervals.

VLOG- i43 Telford Gaming Festival

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