Hulk Protein found!!!- workouts no longer needed, “Baseball record will be crushed”


Yes finally we can finally say goodbye to working out to no end at the gym.

Scientists have moved closer toward helping people grow big, strong muscles without needing to hit the weight room. Australian researchers have found that by blocking the function of a protein called Grb10 while mice were in the womb, they were considerably stronger and more muscular than their normal counterparts. This discovery appears in the September 2012 issue of The FASEB Journal.

The research, published this week in The FASEB Journal, is in its very earliest stages right now, but experiments in mice have shown encouraging results. Mice in which Grb10 function was normal had normal, functioning muscles, like puny Banner. When Grb10 function was disrupted during prenatal development, though, the resulting mice had significantly more muscle mass than their normal counterparts, without any differences in diet or environment. No word yet on whether they also had rage issues and a penchant for monosyllabic expression, but hey — you take the good with the bad.

Looks like we will soon only need to drink  a can of spinach like Popeye and have some massive muscles follow suit.

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