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HTC EVO View 4G Review

SnapShot(94) [ad#ad-1]The HTC Evo View 4G is the first Android powered tablet from HTC, which runs Android 2.3 and not Honeycomb; but with an overlay of Sense 3.0. All under a 7’ captive touch screen. The Evo View 4G comes with 32GB of storage on the device, a 5MP rear camera and a front facing camera for video chat. Touch sensitive button on either landscape and portrait viewing angles on the device But what makes the EVO view 4G special is the Scribe pen and the ability to use a stylus on a Captive touch screen. So is the scribe pen worth it?



HTC Scribe Pen

The pen feels like a large ball point pen, with two button , that act as an activator to write and an eraser. The Pen works effectively and you can chose a plethora of different pen styles , pencils, sizes, colors and fills. To use in either writing or sketching, for a stylus on a captive surface it is very responsive and easy to maneuver.  You can write on the home screen, on pictures and on the note pad. To activate writing with  scribe pen. Just hit the scribe pen button on the lower right-hand corner of the tablet and you are good to go. They are some draw backs to the pen. It is rather larger and there is no storage compartments on the View 4G to hold your scribe pen. At $50 dollars it is a steep price for a stylus.


No Honeycomb

Yep the HTC EVO View 4G does not run Android 3.0 but Android 2.3 with Sense 3.0, and I must say it is very effective. Sense runs very well on the device , with no hiccups or slow downs. The Addition of hub bar on the bottom of the screen for quick access to movies, music and books add to the overall feel of providing a tablet experience with the device.  They are no issues with loading apps or running them on the 7” screen. I dare say HTC has created and effective tablet experience out side of Honeycomb with the addition OS Sense UI.



The HTC EVO View 4G comes in as one of the better 7’ tablets on the market, running Android 2.3 with sense 3.0 overlay. it does an effective job at bringing in a richer Android experience in a tablet form. The scribe pen is an interesting additive, in the fact that it works well and does what an stylus should do, write. But they are draw-backs to its use. You can not scribe on emails and send them of as writing text, so it feels like something to play with than actually use. The pen as cost $50 as a separate purchase, which makes it an extensive additional cost.  Aldo the is no holding area for the scribe on the Evo  View 4G; so you can easily lose you $50 scribe in an instant. If it where bundled with the device at purchase and $50 an extra pair, I could live with that.

I do like what the HTC view EVO 4G brings to the table, with its almost 10hrs battery life, its easy and familiar interface and size for portability compared to larger tablets. Even though they are some short comings. its still a solid device and with sprints 4G and added bonus of having wireless connectivity where ever you go plus the ability to create a mobile hotspot for up to 8 devices is a nice thing to have on the road.


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