How to power On & Off the Xbox One from your Smartphone

Xbox one Off-1

Microsoft’s new Xbox One Smartglass App beta , which is now available on Windows Phone & Android gives you the ability to turn your Xbox One On & Off from you Smartphone. The App will be available for iOS devices as well. First off you have to be on the same WiFi network as your Xbox One Console.

  1. When you open the SmartGlass app, tap the Xbox icon at the top center or the screen.
  2. The name of the Xbox with a moon and cloud next to it shows up in the list of consoles on your network.
  3. Tap the name of your Xbox One and tap the Turn On button.

When you want to power off the Xbox One:

  1. Tap the Xbox One icon at the top center of the screen
  2. Tap the name of your Xbox One in green
  3. Tap the Turn Off button