How to offend a woman in a club

HA! Found this article this morning and thought itwas funny. Not that i would want anyone to actually practice it but.. it’s true… it is a sure way to turn us ladies away with all these things. So simple, but so true.

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If you really want to offend a woman in a nightclub, there are plenty of things you can say and do. Though it’s usually not a good idea to hit on a woman who has a big boyfriend, there are some guys who get their jollies from such activities. If you are one of those guys, here’s a guide for what to do in order to get yourself into some trouble.

Talk about her butt, or boobs, or legs, or any other part of the body.
If you want to have a big guy bearing down on you with a clinched fist, talk about his girlfriend’s body. Tell her she’s got a “nice rack”. Complement her on her “rear end”, but don’t put it in those terms. Go ahead and be direct. If you’re going to be a jerk, you might as well be the biggest jerk of all.

Talk about YOUR body parts.

She doesn’t care if you’ve got something to make Ron Jeremy jealous. Her boyfriend won’t be any easier on you, either. If you want to completely ruin your chance with any woman at the club, go around talking about how well endowed you are. It won’t even matter if you’re telling the truth, either.

Run off at the mouth about her boyfriend.
She’s with that guy for a reason. She probably likes him. It doesn’t matter that his teeth are as yellow as corn on the cob. She won’t take kindly to you pointing out the problems of her man and you can be sure he won’t appreciate your not so subtle criticisms. If he’s bigger than you, you should take special care not to insult him in a direct (or indirect for that matter) manner.

Be that guy who tries too hard.
Most boyfriends will forgive you for hitting on their girl once. After all, you didn’t know she was with him, right? You won’t get a free pass on the second go-around, though. Continue to work on that guy’s gal and he’s going to put an end to it on his own.