How to be Single: Ultra HD Review

how to be
Well talk about a Coming of Age – Relationship Growth – Find Yourself – Time to Grow Up – Biological Clock – Working Woman’s-Chick Flick. Somehow this movie seemed a bit longer than just under two hours, but it did cover a good deal of material. Although some of their characteristics were predictable, we meet four hilarious women at different stages of single hood.
First we meet Alice. Well she is just a mess, but she is cute so manages to get away with it. After being with her longtime boyfriend, they take a break. At times she just seems pathetic, as she regrets the break after her first round of NYC all nighters. We’ve all been there. Alice gets continuously roped back into her ex-drama. Now this is not really a grown up situation, but definitely a 20 something situation. The adult in me wanted to shake her to re-focus on her goals.
Meg is Alice’s hard working older sister. Her emotions run the gamut of emotions between biological clock issues, wanting to be the strong single woman holding her own, and being able to take any man seriously. I have to say this may be one of my favorite of her roles. She has less of the awkwardness we are used to seeing of Leslie Mann, and more grounded emotionally.
Robin (played by Rebel Wilson) definitely livened up the party. Her character was predictably crass and sexual, right along with her other movie appearances, so it would be nice to see Rebel play a different role. In this case, she was the fun friend, but did stand her ground as her own woman and taught Alice a few things about being herself first. She is lovable crazy, but can we say STD’s?  These chicks are pretty funny going out.
What I loved about the next character Lucy (Alison Brie) is that she shows her nerd flag while, and has what many professional women I know also have, a requirement list. She has her statistics mastered and is on every dating app and website possible, to better her chances on mission to find her perfect mate. Insert Tom the sexy, womanizing bartender who falls hard for Lucy of course because he can’t have her.
In the real world, I know very few people who could keep their jobs while partying so much, but the over dramatization works in this case. Many women I know wouldn’t get away with being that predictably whiny and pathetic, nor break ties without some more ugliness happening, but the exaggerations make us laugh at our mistakes. “Oh yea, well what stupid move did YOU make when you were 20 something?” Finally in the end, Alice learns lessons that we all hopefully learn over time….be happy with yourself first, its ok with being single, don’t compromise who you really are, and then maybe you will realize that this leads to more fruitful friendships and relations. Although a bit exaggerated, I did lose myself in the characters, forgot about the actors, and just enjoyed the life lessons.