How to add a home button to the iPhone X!!!

So you just picked up the brand new iPhone 10, which has a lot of new gestures, especially for using the home button, which doesn’t exist anymore. Now you’ve tried them out, some gestures you like & others you don’t and you’re thinking, ‘Okay, I just want the home button back because I don’t get all these gestures. I’m not sure.’ Well, there’s actually a way to add a virtual home button to your iPhone 10 and yes, it will look something like that. Now the position is there but I’m going to show you how to actually set it up.

You want to go into your settings menu and when you’re there you want to go to General. Once you click on General, you head down to Accessibility, click on that, and then scroll down until you see Assistive Touch. Once you’re in Assistive Touch, you want to activate Assistive Touch and that gives you the virtual home button, which you can position where the traditional home button used to be on your iPhone.

Now you can customize each button tap, so a single tap for me is customized as home. Double tap is my multi task here. Long … I can customize the timing. Long press is my notification sensor. Three touch is something else. You can customize a lot of thing, including of course, restart as well. Now you can change the opacity of the button so it’s light and see through like that or you can make it much darker. Depends on the kind of visibility you want.

It’s pretty cool but it allows me to simply just tap and head home. I don’t have to swipe on the bottom, I can double tap, and that takes me to my notification … My multi task menu here. Then if I tap again, it takes me home, a long press would take me to my action sensor. My action sensor is long press, double tap is multi task, and I can map it out whatever way I want, and now I have a traditional home button on my iPhone 10, which is great.

Which is great and it works for a lot of people that way. Now this also will work with your lock screen as well, so if you are … If you have face ID on and basically lock your device, you can basically tap to basically swipe it open. You don’t actually have to swipe anymore, you just have to tap and it does that. You can position the button anywhere on your screen, mostly on the sides, top corners, but not in the center. I like to put it kind of where the traditional home button used to be and it works out pretty well.

There you have it, guys. If you have any questions or any comments about the iPhone 10, let us know.  If you also want to download the wallpaper, we have a link for you right here. You can download our wallpapers and follow me on Pinterest,  thank you and always enjoy your entertainment.