Headphone Wall Giveaway


Apologies for taking a while in putting this video up. But there is no better time than the end of the year to put up the 3rd Ep of our Headphone wall series of videos. & with it comes another awesome giveaway. This time from our friends at Audiofly, we are giveaway the new Audiofly AF240 headphones. Lovely premium headset, with sublime audio and great sound.

As always use the contest link down below . Enter and enjoy.

Happy New Year!!!



Headphone Wall Giveaway


14 responses to “Headphone Wall Giveaway”

  1. Vineeth S Avatar
    Vineeth S

    Thanks for the Chance to win this awesome headphone. Happy New Year Thunder E 🙂

  2. TomSix404 Avatar

    Awesome wall of headphones, so dreamy! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. I dont have Facebook and twitter.. I hope I win.. anddd happy new yearrr!

  4. Thanks for the chance to win a pair of some awesome headphones

  5. ‫מאור גורדון‬‎ Avatar
    ‫מאור גורדון‬‎

    Happy New Year….Sound like a pretty good headphones…I am a big fan of your channel…

  6. GdhawesGwen Avatar

    Polkstriker Pro ZX

  7. chris peberdy Avatar
    chris peberdy

    hope i win love your vids happy new year

  8. Josher Hernandez Avatar
    Josher Hernandez

    I don’t find the review of Audiofly AF 240… and THANKS!

  9. Who won??

  10. Elvis Santiago Avatar
    Elvis Santiago

    Who won the giveaway

  11. Elvis Santiago Avatar
    Elvis Santiago


  12. Vineeth S Avatar
    Vineeth S

    Winner announced?

  13. Sorry guys, does anyone know who are the winner? Or from which e-mail addres should they contact you if you’re the winner?
    ‘Cause I think someone is using booredatwork’s name for phishing :/

  14. Michael Pesso Avatar
    Michael Pesso

    I don’t care if I win the headphones, I just care if it’s from boordatwork!

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