Gaming on the LG G2

LG G2 Gaming (1)  The LG G2 is power by the Snapdragon 800 Processor, aka the newest most powerful kid on the block, in terms of processors.  The G2 house a 2.26Ghz processor from the 800 series snapdragon with 2GB of ram. so this should be ample for mobile gaming. Which we take the device for a run through with Four  games. Riptide GP2, Real Boxing, & HE-MAN: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe. The games we selected to highlight the graphical prowess of the G2, battery performance during gameplay, slow downs and device heat up.

In terms of  gaming and graphical Prowess the G2 handled that impeccably without any slow downs or hiccups The Games looked fresh vivid and smooth to handle. Also in terms of battery drain. The G2 handled that very well with a better battery life during game play than I expected.  When it comes to heat generation, it seems the issues still remains as with most new smartphones, while gaming the devices tend to crank up in heat and so does the LG G2. though not as bad as say the S4. The one main annoyance was the fact that the o-screen button didn’t disappear during gameplay but lingered on and took up some of your gaming real estate. Still the G2 from LG is a very solid gaming device and handles mobile gaming flawlessly.