GAME GOLF digital tracking system: Gets Presidential Approval

unnamed Now don’t get me wrong, I think my Golf game is much better than the president of the United States, but I will say I am loving his use of tech to improve his game.  Now there’s been a lot of discussion about President Obama spending too much time on the golf course. Regardless of how that is viewed,  we wanted to share with you that the red tags on the top of his grips and the device worn on his belt (as seen in image of him standing on the green) is the new GAME GOLF digital tracking system.  So in the coming weeks I am going to be using this bad boy to see if I can up my game and maybe call out the president on the Golf course. But if you are out this weekend on want a head start on your buddies, pick up the Game Golf and get swinging.

The system works as follows…
Sensors are inserted into the top of the grip on each club. Prior to hitting a shot, the player taps the sensor on the end of the club against the belt-mounted unit. The system then records the length of the shot, the location of the shot/accuracy, and through that aggregates a ton of different performance metrics that can illustrate the players tendencies, strengths, weaknesses, etc. They also have an entire online network where GAME GOLF users can interact with each other and even challenge each other on a massive list of available courses in the GAME GOLF platform. So two or more golfers could compete with each other on the same courses, without ever playing together. This is a quick summary of the product. I can get you more details if this is something you were inclined to use.