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Full Motorola Droid Full Review by Bwone

Our friend at Bwone have put a a detailed Motorola Droid Review with his 100th YouTube video. His review covers every hard ware aspect as well as software. Also provides video uploads and stills taken from the camera.

With the power and innovation of Google the engineering and design of Motorola and then network and connectivity of Verizon we get the powerhouse smartphone known as the Motorola DROID.  Does the first Android 2.0 smartphone make the impact that all that hype says it can. If your phone now can’t do it DROID DOES?

The Motorola DROID is the first Android 2.0 handset and the first Google phone on the Verizon Wireless network.  Motorola worked closely with Google to design this phone and it shows in every aspect.  From its sleek and sexy design and nice and bright screen the DROID was thought form the very beginning to be a competitor to the very popular iPhone but with a Android frame of mind.

Be sure teo check out the rest of the review here

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