FUGOO expands its “Go Anywhere” Bluetooth speaker line, bringing pairing capability to music lovers with the new Style-S and GO

FUGOO, well-known for setting the standard in high-quality waterproof and rugged bluetooth speakers for the outdoors, expands its speaker line with the addition of the Style-S and GO.  Featuring the same rugged and waterproof design as all FUGOO’s speakers, the Style-S and GO bring lower price points, louder volume and a new pairing capability to FUGOO’s award-winning line up.  With the addition of the new speakers, FUGOO has also adjusted pricing on its current line of Style, Sport, Tough and XL speakers.

With the new pairing capability, music lovers now have more ways to enjoy their music; either double up the sound or set them to stereo mode for left and right channel separation.  Get ready for the party by playing one in the kitchen or family room and a second in the backyard.  Or if you are playing two in the same location, you can easily set them to stereo mode with just one click; place them apart and enjoy great stereo separation (one speaker plays acoustics from the left channel and the other plays acoustics from the right).

Their superior durability make them tough enough to survive the elements, as their IP67 rating means they’re shock-proof, dust-proof and waterproof.  They can withstand up to 5 foot drops and survive being submerged in water up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.  This makes the sports field, the beach or the pool a perfect place for FUGOO speakers.  When they get dirty, just grab a hose.

Style-S – Powerful Audio at a Mid-Range Price

With a powerful 20 watts of audio, the Style-S is perfect for a house party, outdoor BBQ or pool party.  Two full range drivers and two passive radiators deliver full-range fidelity, making it perfect for all types of music.  With up to 93 dB loudness, the music is easily heard above the fun.

Weighing just 1 pound 7 ounces, it’s easy to transport and attach to almost anything using FUGOO’s mounting accessories. It can be securely attached to a bike, SUP, kayak, tree, fence, volleyball or basketball pole.  It also floats, so if it falls in the water it’s easily retrievable.

Full-duplex capabilities allow the Style-S to be used as a speakerphone, so you can answer your phone without leaving the action.  Sound is clear with the omni-directional microphone with echo cancellation and background noise reduction.  The speaker supports Apple Siri and Android Google Now voice control, making it easy to select songs from a playlist, check the latest sports scores or order a pizza from the pool while your phone is safely tucked away.  Paired with FUGOO’s unique wearable waterproof Bluetooth Remote Control, music can be activated or changed from a distance.

With an MSRP of $149.99, the Style-S is available at FUGOO.com and Amazon.  .  For a limited time, a second Style-S is 30% off when two are purchased at the same time on FUGOO.com.  Photos and detailed specs can be found here:  http://bit.ly/FugooDropbox

FUGOO GO – 360° Audio at a Value Price

The FUGOO GO works in two orientations depending on how you want the music; placed on its back for 360-degree sound or on its side for direct sound.  Four drivers, consisting of two full range drivers and two bass radiators, deliver 12 watts of full-range fidelity.  It has up to a 93 dB loudness, making it perfect for use with action sports.  Audio is clearly heard over the noise; even a dune buggy’s engine is no match for the GO.

Built for action, it’s easy-to-carry and fits nicely in one hand, with no hard or sharp edges.  About the size and weight of a bottle of water, it’s highly portable will easily fit in a gym or beach bag.  In addition to the built-in mounting cord which lets it go anywhere, it includes the same mounting bracket as FUGOO’s other speakers, making it fully compatible with their line of useful mount accessories.  This makes the GO right at home on a paddle board, boat rail or bike handlebars.  An easy-to-remove front cover makes clean-up a breeze.

With an MSRP of $79.99, the FUGOO GO is a great value for anyone wanting a rugged and waterproof Bluetooth speaker.  Its ability to pair and its unique mounting cord make this “Go Anywhere” speaker one of the most versatile on the market.  Initially available exclusively at Sam’s Clubs, it is now also available from FUGOO.com and Amazon.  For a limited time, a second GO is 20% off when two are purchased at the same time on FUGOO.com.  Additional information including detailed specifications and photos are available here:  http://bit.ly/FugooDropbox

Reduced Pricing on the Style, Sport, Tough and XL Models

“Expanding our line of speakers with the Style-S and GO enables us to adjust pricing across the board on our existing speakers,” said Gary Elsasser, CEO of FUGOO.  “We’re excited to make our high-quality rugged and waterproof speakers more accessible than ever to people who love to get outdoors and take their favorite music with them.”

The new prices reflect anywhere from a $40 to $50 price reduction.  The Fugoo Style is now just $89.99; the Sport is $99.99; while the Tough has been reduced to just $129.99.  Making the deal even sweeter, both the Sport and the Tough come with a Mount Pack, a $19.99 value.  Lower prices for Fugoo’s larger XL speakers also reflect significant savings:  The Style XL is now just $199.99; the Sport XL has been reduced to $229.99; while the Fugoo Tough XL is $249.99.