Focal Spirit One S Headphone Review- Premium sound

Focal Spirit One S (3)

I have been dying to try out the Focal One S headphone for quite some time. As a headphone junkie it would be a sin no to experience what they have to offer.  Let me start of by saying the Focal legacy carries over from their high-end audio. So what does that entail at the $249 price point of the Focal Spirit S One. So lets talk about the sound, crisp, clear and a bit of bass; now how does that translate in terms of experience. Listening to hip hop or rap. You get a clean infusing of bass that doesn’t take anything away from the audio experience; the lyrics flow over the track like a beautiful melody that showcases  attention to detail. Lets say you decided to listen to something more instrumental, you get a great balance in how the mids and highs are relayed to give a balanced listening experience with a little punch to it.

Now when it comes to the design and fit, the Focal Spirit One S feels like a gen one entry. Good, but not great.  The design fit works but not one that matches its audio. So I would love to see some improvements there.  Don’t get me wrong, they are not poorly design just in need of refinements. I do however love the fact it comes with both a hard and cloth carrying cases. Which makes for good options. Overall I have happy and excited with the offering from Focal One and can’t wait to see the follow-up to the One S.

  • Closed back, circum-aural type.
  • Portable headphones, light, comfortable and providing excellent insulation.
  • A reference in terms of sound quality with reinforced bass for on-the-go use In-line controller and built-in microphone, compatible with all smartphones.
  • Supplied with a rigid carrying case and a soft carrying bag.
  • Net weight 0.60lb (280g), Cord length 4.60ft (1.4m)