First look at Kinect Fun Labs: Video

Kinect fun labs


At E3 2011, Microsoft announced Kinect Fun Labs, which is available for all Kinect owners and can be downloaded via your Kinect dashboard on your Xbox 360.  So what is Kinect fun Labs and why should you download it?

Well what Kinect fun labs is Microsoft’s way of showing off the latest advances in the technology of Kinect with a series of gadgets (mini games) that show case different things you can do with Kinect. You use a different gadget to either scan backgrounds, objects to create in objects, add your imagine to you avatar giving it more personalization. In all it’s a fun addition to the Kinect offering that will be enjoyable for the whole family and should bide your time till more Kinect games come to the market



Microsoft’s definition of Kinect Fun Labs


Kinect Fun Labs lets you discover and play with the newest advances in Kinect technology. You’ll find innovative Gadgets such as “Kinect™ Me” and “Bobble Head” that utilize Kinect’s people-scanning tech to turn you into an amazingly realistic avatar or talking bobble head. Other Gadgets use innovations in object scanning, background removal and finger tracking to let you scan in almost anything in 3D and give it a personality, or even turn your living room into a 3D canvas of light and imagination. And since Kinect innovation never stops, new Gadgets are launching all the time.



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