Ferrari by Logic3 R300 Headphones Review-Balanced like a Scuderia

Ferrari R300-4 Everyone dreams of owning an expensive sports care, at least driving one, like the Ferrari 458 Italia, a stylish mastery in Italian auto motive design that screams quality and comfort. the Ferrari R300 by Logic3 is built with the same principles; channel design aesthetic from the Scuderia racing team. Built with aerodynamic air vents and traditional grille incorporated in Ferrari GT Cars. It features robust machined crafted metal arms and diamond-shaped grilles to ensure durability and quality, and ultra-soft ear pads constructed from enhanced breathable materials to ensure maximum comfort. With an ergonomic 2-way folding design, the R300 can easily be stored in a matching carry case (trimmed in carbon fiber textures). Seriously this is built to feel like luxury and it feels that way. the Ferrari R300 also comes with three sets of 3.5mm cords; 3-button for idevices, single for other smartphones and a non-miced cord, giving you different options.

The R300 includes a high-efficiency 40mm driver incorporated into a close-back design with ANC Technology, Which is powered by two AAA batteries provided with the headphones.The active noise canceling features helps block out surround noise, as you listen to your music.  In terms of audio, the Ferrari R300 are a well-balanced pair of headphones, the audio production from the headphones are sublime and well tuned. The mids, highs lows and bass are all in sync and feel well placed, you real feel like you are listen to music in luxury. The one downside I will state is the active noise canceling doesn’t full block out all noise, but does a good enough job at it. Price at $350, the Ferrari R300 does pack a lot of value, with its premium build, active noise canceling, and well-balanced sound. The Ferrari R300 by Logic3 are a great and well-balanced headphones that truly represents the Ferrari Scuderia line