Element Case Sector Pro Fire Red Review


I’ve always been a naked kind of guy. When it comes to my smartphones, I usually love showcasing the industrial design of the device I purchase. However, times have changed and the next iterations of devices happening more rapidly than ever before. Which means resell value and condition matter in 2015. My iPhone 6 is a beautifully crafted device made out of aluminum. This means scratches and dents come naturally over time. Element Case knows how precious iPhones are to their users. Combining design and durability on a device that is already inherently based on perfecting design can be a bit of a struggle. That’s where the Sector Pro for the iPhone 6 comes into play.

Element Case was kind enough to send us over the Fire Red edition of the Sector Pro case in order to test the design, durability, and overall comfort this case provides. Let’s start off by saying that Element Case’s usually don’t run cheap, for good reason. Quality is an emphasis for the designers and this specific model runs for about $139.95.


If you check out the video review of the SP Case you’ll see that words really don’t do it justice. The Fire Red truly pops out from the whole exterior of the case. The matte black rubber pads along the sides of the case actually coincide well with the color scheme. It’s only a plus that they actually add more grip to the popularly known slipperiness of the iPhone 6. The back is covered in Carbon Fiber, freaking CARBON FIBER. There’s a unique pattern embedded with it so depending on the angle you are looking at it, the effect is trippy. The sides of the case (which use actual screws to fasten) are made out of CNC machined aluminum. It adds a bit of heft to the overall weight of the iPhone 6, but it is distributed so precisely and beautifully that the heft adds even more of a premium feel to the device. The design on the SP can not be dismissed. It’s a well executed body of work.


The SP has some great assets in the durability department that undoubtedly adds to the overall price tag. Military-spec scratch-resistant anodized finish is but one of the strengths Element Case as incorporated. This combined with impact resistance throughout the entire frame of the case makes the iPhone 6 almost bulletproof. I’ve dropped my iPhone numerous times with this case attached and I truly never thought twice about it. You can FEEL the protection every time you lift the case. Again, an in person experience can only add the validity to my claims. It’s a strong case.


The overall culmination of the design and durability create a seamless usability scenario. The
real rubber grips on the vertical sides of the case help hold the extra girth the case adds. Due to the carbon fiber being slippery on the back cover, there is a proneness to it slipping through your hands if you are not careful. Adapting to the case take a few days, but once you do, the usability becomes fluid and enjoyable.

If you want to invest in your iPhone for longevity and resale value, you really shouldn’t look elsewhere. Element Case specializes in this; you can see it through the wide array of their product line. Yes the price tag is hefty, but it’s correlated to the worth of the product. You do sacrifice versatility with this case due to the screw mechanism. If you are willing to sacrifice customization over substance, the Sector Pro Fire Red Case is the perfect companion to your iPhone.