Education- On the Mobile path

iPadApps-DigitalLearningFarm3 The importance of education as a whole can not be summed up in numerical value. We can see clear the evidence  for that exists today within the economy; with employers seeks high degrees and certifications for positions didn’t require that 10 years ago. So the question one has to ask is, how to I help myself or better yet how best will future generations cope in this gradually changing landscape.

Answer: Technology

Yes technology is the answer; its has been the main driving force in this slow economy. The explosion within the mobile market space has seen the creation of a new medium of educational learning that goes beyond just have the internet or a mobile network connection.  With millions of people now owning smartphones and tablets, information accessibility is at an all time, and the advents of mobile apps has seen that consumption jump to new heights. The mobile educational gaming app market is valued at $16.6 billion worldwide & $5.4 billion in the USA which is expected to growth up to $9.9 billion in 2015 through K-12 market range. Currently there are 55 million children enrolled in PreK-12 in the USA, and 1.4 billion worldwide. Indicating there is a huge potential growth within the educational gaming market be it E-learning or serious gaming



We also see comes like ATT investing into the educational mobile app market, with its Aspire program, launching a quarter-billion-dollar campaign to help more students graduate from high school ready for careers and college, and to ensure the country is better prepared to meet global competition.  Also AT&T/s commitment to companies like GameDesk, who are geared at making high quality digital games and learning technologies available to students, educators and parents nationwide to help improve high school success. With a $3.8 million contribution to GameDesk to make these tools and technologies available to parents, students and educators nationwide. making it AT&T’s largest single contributions to date under AT&T Aspire.

Efforts and advances like these are the kinds of jolts needed to help the next generation get ready for the task that face them. We are in the digital age, where all can be answered in a tap or click of a button. Knowing that information and learning is available  through  a tap or click of  a button. It is clear that we are in the digital revolution and the mobile space is the next frontier for education.  Why don’t we use that to spear-head the next educational revolution that ensures, we have our best foot forward