eBay Instant sale & Trade-up trucks- battering into the future

The idea of selling your old electronics can be cumbersome, there are a few options like craigslist( which can be shady),or eBay. Which can be a great way to sell items, but you have to take a a photo and then upload it online and then wait for bids and so on. So eBay introduced eBay Instant Sale is the best destination for people to secure cash offers for smartphones and other electronics in 60 seconds or less. Customers can receive an instant cash offer with some of the most competitive pricing on the web. Anyone can visit www.instantsale.com and enter basic information about their smartphones or electronics devices to receive a cash offer. Payment will be deposited into the customer’s PayPal account once the item has been received and its condition has been verified There even is an  eBay Instant Sale mobile app for iPhone lets people get an instant trade-in offer for their tablets and other devices on-the-go.

I got a chance to check out the eBay Trade up truck and lounge at GDGT Boston and I must say, it is everything as advertised, allowing customers to easily sale their old electronics in a quick and consumer friendly manner. I really like eBay’s push for consumer interaction and easy. I hope the continue the Trade-up truck program and even advance it to opening eBay trading stores in cities around the us. Give Consumer an easy outlet to sell or trade their used electronics. I leave you with a quote from an EBay Spokesperson; “eBay Instant Sale has generated more than 10 million trade-in offers for customers seeking the value of their electronics. This strong adoption speaks to the convenience of eBay Instant Sale’s simple, fast process and the highly competitive prices we provide for electronics,” said Gregory Boutte, vice president of eBay Electronics and Motors in North America. “With just a few clicks, eBay Instant Sale is putting money in people’s hands and helping them trade-up to new devices, such as the iPhone 5, while ensuring the device they trade ends up in the hands of a new owner or gets recycled responsibly.”