DreamWave Genie Review

The Dreamwave Genie is a Bluetooth speaker with a trick up its sleeve. Inside it’s silver body lies the ability to access your phone or tablet’s assistant with the push of a button. The Dreamwave Genie is an ok-sounding 5-Watt omnidirectional speaker that does well with midrange and high tones, but has little bass to speak of. The side-mounted circular button controls volume. The term “control” needs an asterisk, because the knob itself adjusts the volume up and down, but not really at the same rate. One time turning up the volume all the way up or down will take 6 revolutions, other times it’ll take 8 and still others 4.  In general, the volume raises and lowers when you turn the knob, but my OCD nature wants to know that the volume will always raise and lower at the same rate.

There are some minor build quality issues around the inner circumference that aren’t necessary deal breakers, but don’t exude a quality craftsmanship vibe.

Accessing the personal assistant is one of those functions that you don’t really think about, until you actually use it. If you think of this device like an Amazon Echo tap, you’ll get the idea. Much like a smart watch, it allows you to access that functionality without having to pull out your phone. It’s also nice if your phone is across the room, and you just want to know what the weather is going to be like. It’s handy, but honestly not the killer feature we’re looking for or one we miss when we use other speakers.

Play time from the speaker is advertised at about 10 hours and that seems pretty consistent with our testing. The Speaker is currently pre-selling on Kickstarter. One note about Kickstarter, Dreamwave plans to deliver on the product regardless of whether it reaches its funding goal. Shipping should start around August of this year.

Overall, the Dreamwave Genie is a decent speaker with sound that is on par with most other Bluetooth speakers of this size. The added functionality of the assistant button is nice, but it seems like it’s a solution looking for a problem. At $40 – 45, it’s a good deal even without the extra little feature. It’s not the sexiest technology you’ll see on YouTube today, but if you’re in the market for a Bluetooth speaker and you want a little party trick to brag about, the Genie awaits your beck and call. My name is Adam Doud, DeadTechnology on twitter, reminding you to always enjoy your entertainment.