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Don’t be a slacker get Mama Flowers for Mother’s Day


Mother’s day is on Sunday we all know that, ( If not, you’ve been reminded). So between now and then do yourself a favor kill two bird with one stone. Get Mama, Mom, your wife or loved one flowers for mother’s day and get a free 3 month upgrade to Slacker radio plus. To commemorate mother’s day Slacker radio has created a Mother’s day Station

Slacker Radio Plus

  • No ads: Upgrade and you’ll never have to hear an audio ad or see a banner ad again! You’ll enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted listening with Slacker Radio Plus.
  • Unlimited skips: With Slacker Radio Plus you can skip as many songs as you want. Basic Radio listeners are limited to 6 song skips per hour, per station.
  • Complete song lyrics: Want to sing along? Slacker Radio Plus subscribers get complete lyrics to all available songs. You can read the lyrics as you listen to your favorites.
  • Unlimited song requests: Create perfect custom stations by requesting an unlimited number of your favorite songs. Simply search for any artist and pick the songs you like to add to your station.
  • Station caching: This let’s you enjoy your station whether connected or not and gives you about 5x the battery life vs. streaming.
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