#DitchtheDSLR Samsung Nx 30 First Look

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Yesterday Samsung pulled out yet another huge marketing stunt to showcase some of camera products for New York City. Using the slogan “DitchTheDSLR”, as well as using Twitter (#DitchTheDSLR) as an outlet to market their top of the line Nx30 branded camera. Samsung wasn’t settled with just marketing the features of the device, they wanted to put it in the hands of the consumer in order to fully immerse them in what mirror-less technology truly offers. This led to Samsung inviting anyone who had a DSLR in working condition with a lens and battery to come to Time Square and trade it in for a brand new Samsung Nx30. The whole event was extravagant leading to over 300 people lined up awaiting the chance to hand in their old DSLRs for the Samsung experience.

Once getting my hands on the device, I saw why Samsung went to this nontraditional route to market the Nx30. For one, the device screams quality. Unboxing device you’ll find the medium sized camera module with an assortment of settings to qualm any aspiring photographers doubts about the versatility of the device. Included on the camera module is the world’s first pull out viewfinder with a built in tilt mechanism. Words cannot do this additional feature justice. Intuitive design truly shines here. 20.3 megapixel sensor, 3 inch 180 degree swivel touchscreen display with custom UI, 18-55 OIS lens, the list goes on. My short time with the device has left me dubbing the Nx30 as the Swiss Army Knife of cameras; it does it all in a fashionably elegant form factor. Samsung seems to be doing everything right these days in the hardware division, and I can only hope they continue this trend going forward.