Deadpool Review


So I was lucky to see a Pre-Screening of Deadpool….and I freaking loved it.

From the very start there was humor. Like…literally at the very second of the movie. Deadpool was full of action, blood, awesome stunts and (for you theater and film people) breaks the fourth wall. This is a element that is very hard to do and Deadpool nailed it. It was not to the point it was too annoying but enough to get you (the audience) to be more engaged and included in the movie.

It’s like Deadpool is like taking you along with his awesome kick-ass story that he is telling you. 

I’m not a comic book fan or know a lot about Marvel and it’s characters. I’m just a regular kid who went to film school and likes to watch good movies. 

Throughout the film is constantly funny, the way the movie warms you up with funny scenes and when the jokes really hit, it’s freaking hilarious. There was jokes everywhere, from the regular conversations, sex, action, and sappy moments. Sometimes Deadpool hits you with a joke that you would not know that it’s coming. I love unpredictable comedy. 

I gotta say these jokes Deadpool say are really harsh. Like ‘oh no you didn’t’ harsh. And I also loved how these jokes are not just about what ever is in “the D

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