The Core of Verizon’s Growth and Influence


Last Tuesday, I had the great privilege of being invited to an all-inclusive event focused on innovation and growth in sectors that are unfortunately not at the forefront of technologies biggest stages. You may not know or believe it, but Verizon is building the foundation necessary to propel growth in key points of society in a genuine and natural way unlike any other competitor in its class. Education, healthcare, and innovation facilities are only a few of the components culminated together by Verizon’s internal and core teams that will foster a revolution of great ideas; that ultimately will manifest in helping the world we live in today.


Have you ever heard of the term “Robotic Telepresence”? Don’t be surprised if you haven’t as I have never became acquainted with the concept until Verizon’s event this past Tuesday. Education and reach has been at the helm of much debate in the 21st century. There are those less fortunate than us that don’t get the chance to experience an education in the “traditional way”. Whether it be due to illness, socioeconomic status and specific geographical location, all children in today’s world are not afforded the opportunity to an immersive educational experience. The growth and innovation in the tech space, more importantly with Verizon’s guidance towards the issue, we are now able to create an experience that shoots down the aforementioned issues plaguing children’s access to an education. Taking the manufacturing experience and cultivating it into the ultimate sci-fi like creation, children are now able to virtually dab into the educational atmosphere no matter what is blocking their ability to do so.

Combined with Verizon’s 4G LTE network, a line of communication via live video streaming has created what we now call “robotic telepresence”, or the more accessible sounding virtual student. With the robotic machine acting as a vessel for the student, children are able to explore remote locations of their educational facilities with nothing more than a remote control. Verizon uses the mantra “Powerful Answers” to give credence to these technologies, and I must say that this one in particular confirmed that more so than anything else I’ve seen in a long time.


Sight is the way the majority of humans today experience the contextual world around us. It may undoubtedly be the most important sense we have, and for some, they are robbed of that experience for unknown reasons. Technology allows the avenue for solutions to be made in order to conquer the blindness with innovative and truly world-changing methods. Meet Visus Technology. Using the moniker Velasense, mobile applications are being made by children in middle school and beyond to improve the quality and efficiency of life for the blind. There have always been devices capable of assisting the visually impaired, however they have always been cost ineffective and out of reach for the general person who can not afford them. Previous devices have also grown cumbersome in size and have the opposite effect of bringing attention to those who just want to coexist normally in the world.

Again, Verizon using the great infrastructure of their 4G LTE network has fused it with advanced smartphones and their cameras/sensors – “to deliver real-time feedback to users about their surroundings, including tools for recognizing text, colors, currency and barcodes.” Simply put, Verizon with the help of Visus technology has created a system that allows the digital to intimately understand the surrounding of it’s user, and thus relaying that information back to allow them to experience it in ways they could not have achieved before. All of this is done by using the same piece of hardware in your pocket. It’s utterly incomprehensible how far innovation and advancements in certain technologies have taken us. Verizon sees this revolution occurring before our very eyes, and is doing what’s necessary to bolster that growth to improve the world we live in.

Innovation Centers

In order to prosper the next generation of innovation and genuine interest in advancing the world we live in, tools must be made and accessible to those that want to be apart of that movement. Verizon’s technology platforms and countries best 4G LTE network are enabling businesses on wireless technologies to advance themselves. Innovations centers by Verizon, which are co-located in Boston and San Francisco, “offer state of the art displays of visionary ideas, commercial products, and innovative solutions still in development.” Facilities such as these play more of a part in the evolution of technologies strictly from an influence perspective. Provide the masses with the ability to see the natural progression of a solution, and they will flock to that solution with open arms. It pleases me to see Verizon make this a point of emphasis as the generations after us will be more cultured in creating beautiful solutions for the world we live. Verizon clearly wants to be apart of that process.


Verizon has not only changed my view of the company itself, but the actual world we live in today. There are amazing, almost unbelievable things being done in all segments of our society that are changing the world with technology. I’m a firm believer in the idea of technology paving the way for all solutions in the modern world, and with the help of companies like Verizon, that vision will be more attainable than ever before.