Come to Sprint and Sign up for Unlimited Data, Talk and Text for $50


We don’t underestimate the value of unlimited data and neither should you – or Verizon. I find it pretty ballsy for Verizon to tell me what I need or don’t need. We prefer to listen to our customers (not tell them what they need) and, overwhelmingly, Sprint customers are choosing our powerful unlimited rate plans to live their lives without limits.

5GB isn’t really much data. I can eat up 5GB of data watching just seven episodes of any of my Netflix favorite, House of Cards. With HD viewing, Netflix uses as much as 3GB per hour! 5GB would give me just about two hours a day per month to stream my favorite songs on TIDAL. That isn’t much, especially when I am traveling. And YouTube? That could cost me close to 1.5GB in an hour. I would use up my 5GB allotment in just under three and a half hours.

You need at least 5GB of data if you rely on your phone for both entertainment and work, including mobile internet access for several hours daily.  Here are a few estimates of how much data you use with your smartphone on the mobile internet:

  • 1 hour of web browsing (50 pages): 50Mb
  • Checking your email daily: 150Mb per month
  • Daily instant messaging (WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, etc): 250Mb per day
  • Music streaming: 100Mb per hour
  • Watching a video (streaming): 1Gb per hour

Are your eyes glazing over trying to calculate how much data you use every month? Do you have ANY idea how much data you – or your teenagers – use each month? Do you want to know? Or would you rather live worry-free using your wireless device to its potential?

At Sprint, we don’t TELL our customers how much data they need. We give them a choice: rate plans that provide data buckets or the simplicity of unlimited – both at great values. Most current Sprint customers are taking advantage of unlimited data plans. They enjoy talking, texting, tweeting, streaming, snapping, gaming… whatever they want!

Welcome to 2017, Verizon. No one wants to watch a data meter and change their habits to meet your plan restrictions.  Mobile video data traffic is doubling every 18 months, indicating its importance to wireless consumers. Wireless customers are using their smartphones more than ever, especially as we let go of traditional landline phones. Almost half of all U.S. households rely fully on mobile phones and have cancelled their landlines. Wireless-only households exceeded 48 percent at the end of the year, up from 8 percent just 10 years ago.

There has NEVER been a better time to switch to Sprint. Once you enjoy the freedom of Unlimited, you won’t want to go back to purchasing data in restrictive buckets. Unlimited means no more worrying about running out of data or surprise overage charges. All on a network that is within 1% reliability of Verizon and AT&T and is better than T-Mobile. **