Comcast Xfinity X1 Platform Review

Xfinity X1 Platform Review-5 I have been using the xfinity x1 dvr box for a few months now. So far I do love it! I have had the box swapped out once due to hardware issues, but so far so good. The actual x1 box is nice and simple,  dispaying the time and has a green glowing power button. The remote control is new, and more comfortable to hold and use. It is smaller and has a nice hourglass figure. At first glance, the whole menu seems just more intuitive and user friendly. Some say it looks more like the Netflix setup. Each menu drills down further, or simply hit the back arrow to your previous screen. All of this is SO much easier than having to exit and search elsewhere. One large Xfinity button can get you to most of what you need. From there you access the main TV “Guide”, DVR, On-Demand, Apps, Search, and Settings.  Even from the search menu, x1 is easier to use. You can either type using the onscreen keyboard, or simply from the dialpad on the remote. The “Last” button is extremely helpful. With the old system, it would simply bring you to your last channel watched. The new system gives you a popup of your previously watched channel, on-demand listing, dvr’d show, etc to choose from.

During DVR or On-demand shows, even the fast forward and rewind is easier and more responsive. So far I do still receive the occasional timer while the DVR refreshes. Some on-demand listings show an error and you need to exit and resume the show. Currently loaded apps include Facebook, Sports, Traffic, Pandora…. Realistically I never use Facebook, but do blast Pandora around the house. When you go to a sports channel, it will give you the option to open the Sports app, which would appear in a split window to the right. What comes in handy in this case is the screen saver. Regardless of what you are watching, if there is inactivity, scenic screensavers come across the screen, along with a ticker displaying traffic updates, weather, local news, etc.

iPhone x1 remote app is available, which allows you to use voice commands for remote control, or simply use the iPhone or iPad as your remote. All you need to do is log in using your account email and password. Xfinity dvr manager is available as usual for you to manage your shows. However, a great idea would be to cut down on the amount of apps. I currently have a folder on the iPad with 10 different apps that I hardly ever use.
After having the same dvr box for years, this was a refreshing change, and I cant wait to see what the next one brings.