Comcast Xfinity Next-Gen X1 Platform Hands-on

WP_20140210_16_03_04_Pro[ad#ad-1]Comcast recently unveiled its Next-Gen X1 Platform which takes things to a whole new level. For starters its kept its familiarity in a refreshing way. Yes things have been overhauled, but it still feels familiar.  The UI changes makes accessing programming and feature easier, plus it just feels much faster to navigate around the interface. Some great  new features have also been added. Like the cloud DVR feature, while in the home, customers will be able to watch their DVR recordings over Comcast’s managed IP network on their mobile devices and computers; “check-out” DVR recordings by downloading them directly to a mobile device to take on-the-go; and access the X1 interface and live stream practically their entire TV channel lineup to IP-connected devices.

Another cool feature for the ongoing winter Olympic games is the NBC Sports Live Extra app has been added to the X1 Platform for the Olympics (basically bringing your computer on mobile small screen to the largest room and screen  in the house).  Gold Zone: works similarly to the NFL’s Redzone with Multiple events happening at the same time inspired something similar for the Olympics.  As a result, NBC created the “Gold Zone” for the Olympics which will automatically highlight Olympics events if a medal is about to be awarded.  Gold Zone is available on TV through the X1 Platform as well as through the NBC Sports Live Extra app.

The new X1 platform is packed with a boat load of features, that really has to be experienced and not told. If you already have an X1 box. go ahead and update your system and experience what Comcast has in-store for you . If not, do check out our hands on video below. Comcast plans to roll these features out to additional markets later this year.

“We want to provide customers with the best television experience on every device, when they want it and where they want it,” said Matt Strauss, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Video Services, Comcast Cable. “The cloud-based infrastructure of the X1 platform allows us to deliver on that promise, and give customers a more personalized viewing experience. We look forward to providing these features to more customers this year.”

To deliver these new streaming and download features to Xfinity TV customers, Comcast has launched a new Xfinity TV app for iOS tablets and smartphones and a dedicated portal for viewing on computers. To live stream their TV lineup or download DVR recordings while on tablets or smartphones in the home, customers will simply download the Xfinity TV app from the App Store, open the app and sign-in with their Xfinity TV credentials. Once signed-in, customers may begin browsing their full channel lineup in the Guide or scan available recordings for download in the Saved menu. On laptops and computers, customers can sign-in through the Xfinity TV site to access their X1 guide and DVR recordings. For more information, please visit the support page on