Comcast Xfinity Mobile apps & Service moving to the next level

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Watching TV has changed over the last couple  year; with the addition of the second screen using your smartphone or tablet. The way we consume content matters as much as the content itself. We spent some time with Comcast yesterday at their Somerville, MA store checking out a few of their apps and Services. From the Xfinity TV app that allows you to watch your shows right on your smart device and well as offline play of your DVRed shows.

Comcast also detailed how the are taking customer service to the next level through the Xfinity my Account app.  Which can let you know about outages, paying your bill, restart your devices from the App. Change wireless settings. Customers can also use My Account to schedule a convenient time for a Comcast representative to call them. Down to even checking the serial number for you settop boxes and router.

The notion of having a second screen isn’t just about watching content on separate devices. But using those devices to add to the entertainment value. Comcast & EA are bring  EA games right to your X1 box and using your smartphone or tablet as a controller. What’s cool, is if you are a Comcast customer you can access and try it out right now. Enjoy some madden, Need for speed and other EA games right from your cable box. (how times have changed)

What I found most interesting are some of the internal apps Comcast techs use on their mobile devices during in home visit. Allow them to test your wireless integrity, signal strengthens as well as monitor changes in signal fluctuation as it compares to your neighborhood.  For example, one of Comcast’s top Boston area techs shared how they use a proprietary app known as “Tech Nucleus” to do a whole home check – ensuring that every piece of Comcast equipment in the home is working as a customer expects. This goes a long way in making the techs more productive and installation or visits shorter.

Its good to see Comcast evolve from just a cable provide to a technology company providing better ways for their consumers to use their products.