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Comcast 4G/3G Data plan and pricing***Update

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Comcast has entered into the mobile data race with 4G/3G ( Presumable switches with what ever service available) services available in Atlanta, Seattle, Philadelphia, Portland OR and Chicago. Comcast is offering the service with or without contract. Main difference is without contract you have to pony-up $125 for the data card.


Word is that price on comcast bundle packages with internet will be an extra 10 for 3G and $20 for 4G. that does seem bad espeically for prexisting comcast customers


High-Speed 2go™ Nationwide Preferred (4G/3G): For the fastest speeds outside the 4G coverage area! This service is ideal for your business if you to intend to travel between 4G and 3G coverage areas, providing continued service outside the optimal 4G network.

  • 4G/3G dual mode services provide the same blazing-fast Internet speeds within the 4G network, and 3G speeds outside the network
  • Nationwide wireless coverage with 3G service

Pricing Models

Pricing with Business Class Internet

No Term Commitment

Service 4G and 3G

Monthly Price- $55

Cost of 4G/3G Data Card
Activation Fee

Early Termination Fee

2-year Contract

Service 4G and 3G

Montly Price $55

Cost of 4G/3G Data card free

Activation fee- $50

Early termination fee- $125

Standard Pricing Nationwide Preferred

4G and 3G

Monthly Price

Cost of Data Card

Activation Fee

4G Service
3G Service

Usage Cap

Max Download Speed/Upload Speed
6 Mbps/1 Mbps
1.4 Mbps/500 Kbps

12 Month Warranty

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Additional Charges
4G Service
3G Service

3G On-Network Overage Charges
(5GB Per Month Cap)
$0.05 Per MB

3G Off-Network Roaming Charges
(100MB Per Month Domestic Roaming Included)
$1.00 Per MB

International Roaming

$10/ 5MB

Mexico and Other Destinations
$20 / 5MB

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