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CES 2010- Kodak Pulse Hands-on


The Kodak Pulse digital picture frame, comes into the make at as a difference maker. By now one can go to their local store and pick up a digital picture frame of different sizes and quality. What Kodak showed this year at CES is a device that takes digital photo viewing to the next level and Just lke in our imaginations. This 7″ digital picture frame comes with its own email address that can receive pictures directly to the frame. So now you don’t have to go to Mom’s house to update her pictures, all you have to do is send it to the specific Kodak email address and boom its on the screen. The devices also allows for Facebook, tagging. So once your picture is tagged is pulls up on the 7 inche screen, yes you can untag the pic just in case its not kid friendly. This is slated for a March release date at $129.  This is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Easily see new pictures on your frame more often

  • Create your own e-mail address for the frame to easily receive new pictures
    • Send pictures from a computer
    • E-mail pictures from mobile phones as soon as they’re taken—perfect for sharing on-the-go
  • Adding your own pictures to the frame from your computer is incredibly simple
  • The PULSE automatically links to friends and photo albums on FACEBOOK and KODAK Gallery sites, so you can see new pictures on your frame when they’re posted

So effortless, yet so rewarding

  • Hassle-free pictures—there’s no software to install, making setup easier than ever
  • The PULSE automatically alerts you as soon as you get new pictures from friends and family
  • Wirelessly add or replace pictures with built-in Wi-Fi
  • You can also insert a memory card or USB drive to start viewing your pictures right away

Displays pictures beautifully

Pictures look amazing on the 7 in. high-quality digital photo display (800 × 600 pixels) featuring KODAK Color Science and LED backlighting.

Simple-to-use touch controls

  • The full touch screen makes your entire photo-viewing experience fun and easy
  • Scroll through photos and view slideshows—all at the touch of your fingertips

Keep those memories coming

You’ll enjoy every moment with the ability to store up to 4,000[1]images with 512 MB of internal memory

  • Pictures are automatically resized to fit more on the frame and still look beautiful
  • Use the USB port and 2 card slots to add pictures from other source

Product Spec

andard features
Display size 7 in.
Aspect ratio 4:3
Display resolution 800 × 600
Image Capacity 4000[1]
Internal Memory 512 MB




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