Celesse personal massager by Intimina- Review

20120222_173353 Ok people. So most of you know the multiple purposes for “personal massagers”, but lets keep this simple.

My video features Celesse, but we had reviewers try the Raya and Kiri as well. These Intimina massagers are made of a soft silicone and ABS plastic, and are all pretty in pink. Each require two AAA batteries. I found the battery directional hard to read though. It is packaged in a classy, white satin drawstring pouch. Intimina also carries a cleaning spray (keep it sanitary people!), and a feminine moisturizer (eh emm lubricant).

Feedback so far? One reviewer reported that the motor is excellent. It has 6 “rhythmic modes” and 16 speeds. The first mode is steady and powerful, so that was a favorite. The next couple of modes are pulses at different speeds, then on to more rhythmic and one that I dubbed “random”. The differences between the three models would be shape and size, and therefore have different specialties and target areas. They are for internal use, external, or both (Celesse).  Another review stated “The Intimina Celesse personal massager comes in such a pretty package, it feels like unwrapping a Christmas present, with a great hot pink color and very sleek feel. It comes with 3 speeds. A lower speed, a higher speed, and a speed that alternates between fast and slow. All speeds are pretty damn amazing. It also has a curved ending to reach the g-spot which it does and does well. I really recommend this product and would love to try others in the Intimina line.”

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